Short safari

350 m safaris trough our reindeer fences.

Price: 17 € / person

“Poronkusema” 1 km

This kilometer long tour starts and ends at the reindeer farm in the Lapp Village. You will have
between 5 and 20 minutes to revel in a winter wonderland. Reindeers choose your speed.

Price: 32 € adult / 17 € children

Forrest tour

This tour takes you downriver along an ancient riding trail. Along the way, a detour will be made to
a snowy bog from which you can see the magnificent silhouette of the Levi Fell rising up to your
left. The tour lasts between 40 minutes and an hour, after which you may enjoy a cup of coffee and
a pastry by the fire in the village.

Price: 64 € adult / 32 € children